Success Stories

August 2014

Hi Catherina,

Thank you for the drills and audio. I find them very useful. The instructions are calm and assured and uncomplicated. The repetition really helps and the overall language and tone is good. I think your belief in the concept comes across strongly, but it never feels forced or directive. So I come away feeling well-instructed but not to the point of feeling daunted or pressurised.

All in all I found the workshop great and also a nice sociable day out.

Take care,

Hi Catherina,

Thanks for sending on the notes and audio.

I really enjoyed Saturday’s workshop – found it interesting, challenging and very thought provoking. I liked your approach very much – low key, but emphasising all the core,important elements.

Have been working on my posture ever since, and went for a 5k run today, really trying to concentrate on all I’d picked up, and felt good after it. Am looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing how I get on.

Thanks so much and will hopefully check in on my progress at one of the workshops later on.

Best wishes,


June 2014

Hi Catherina,

I just want to say thank you for a really beneficial and informative workshop of Saturday. It was great to meet you and to learn new techniques from you. I found the day really inspiring, gentle and not at all intimidating, which really was the perfect environment in which to learn. I had a really wonderful long run on Sunday morning and hopefully that will continue from here.

Anyway, I just wanted to email to say thank you.

Thanks again, and happy running in this gorgeous weather.


April 2014

Well Catherina, feedback time, really enjoyed the day at Castleknock (15/02’2014). Wasn’t sure what to expect, overall the day was more relaxed than I expected, ‘till the last “run” when you kind of got me focused (thanks)!  Anyhow, so far, really good, really positive for me.I’m 57’ , began running at 45, injury free more or less for ten years but lots of post race and post long run stiff/sore calves etc, then last year, calf, adductor, hamstring strains and then Achilles strain..Since your course I have done my best to go with “CHI” and while I know I’m only getting there bit by bit, since my chi-running course this is my experience;

1.       Have been running most days since concentrating on chi running form

2.       I think I have got to a stage where I like the full foot strike, almost luxurious when I feel I get it right.

3.       Also I think I am running with the shoulder, hip, ankle, “line”

4.       Struggling with the accelerator lean, but maybe it is happening better than I think 

Since I changed my running form, happy times, so far touch wood, no injuries, my new experience is , post race/long run, no stiff/sore muscles, a new relaxed leg muscle sensation.

Done the Carney/Lissadell 10k today in north Sligo 41.42. a minute + better than last year, but more important feel so much better after the run, Regards Joe 

P.S. hope to hit one of your courses for a check-up soon, not sure when yet.

May 2013

Hi Catherina .

I went to one of your workshops last summer out of desperation as I had completed several marathon campaigns always picking up calf injuries. Since your workshop i have completed 2 marathons totally injury free, setting a pb in Dublin 2hr 56 and then another pb in London 2wk ago 2hr53. I found the chi running a total success and have been recommending it to fellow runners. I honestly have saved the price of a holiday in physio bills! Thanks so much for taking my running to a new level,

Kind regards,


 March 2013


Thanks for the workshop and this follow up information. It was lovely to meet you also and I found the day to be very helpful.

It is always inspiring to be around someone who is passionate about their work and you are certainly that for running. You also have a great way of being with people which makes learning from you so much easier. Keep up the good work. Runners in Ireland will be forever grateful.

Kind regards


February 2013

Good morning Catherina


I attended one of your ChiRunning workshops on Sat Oct 20th last year. I had heard about the course a few weeks earlier from someone training to run the Dublin marathon.  I had only started running at the start of 2012 (from zero movement for about 25 years!).  Prior to the course I had run two 10ks – Run Ireland and the Women’s mini marathon.  I had decided to try a half Marathon but unfortunately had run into ongoing problems with what I’m told was a tendon in my foot called the peroneous longus.  This prevented me from running at all for periods of a few weeks at a time.   I found this very frustrating as it seemed there was nothing really that I could do to avoid it.  As my work is office based and I work long hours my lifestyle is very sedentary and I really wanted to keep up the running – for mind and body!


Anyway , the point of the email is I set myself a plan for the half marathon in Waterford on December 1st after the day spent in Clonmel and very happily achieved my goal of completing it in under 2 hours.  I really couldn’t believe that by merely heading out running and following the posture and everything else you had shown us as best I could – I had absolutely no problem with the tendon.


I decided to wait a while before emailing to ensure that this continued and I can happily confirm that I have had no issues whatsoever with the tendon or anything else.  And the only change I made was to aim to get that mid foot strike every time with abs in and everything else as relaxed as possible.


It would be an exaggeration to say this has changed my life but it is definitely true to say that I am really delighted and very appreciative that I can go out running – totally as a result of the day spent with you.


While I am usually conscious of the speed I am running at and would like to increase that, I continue on the premise you stated that speed is a by product  of good posture.  During the half marathon I did on a couple of occasions lean forward as suggested and had a picture in my mind’s eye of your daughter Dervla running across a carpark in Clonmel – so thank you also Dervla.


Here’s the main message of the email –  


Thank you very much Catherina –  keep up the good work!  It is probably far more appreciated than you know.


With kind regards and many thanks,




October 2012

Hi Catherina,

I took one of your Chi Running workshops in September last year in Castleknock and 14 months and 4 marathons later I want to thank you for the incredible advice you have given me. I’ve had no injuries whatsoever in that period and have greatly reduced my marathon time from 3:40 prior to the workshop to under 3 hrs in Dublin last week. Whenever anyone asks, I always say that Chi Running has been the secret to my success and recommend they take one of your workshops.

Thanks and best regards,



Hi Catherina ,

I attended your chi runing workshop in Castleknock on 23rd June, and just wanted to give you a little update on my progress.

I found the workshop really interesting and started back out running the following day practicing mith my correct posture and breathing. Before taking part in your course I had suffered with knee injuries and had experienced pain after 5 or 6 miles , but within a week of using the techniques you showed me , I had increased my mileage without any pain at all.

 I found a good training programme and am delighted to say that on Monday I completed my first marathon in 4hrs29 mins without any knee pain at all.

So I just wanted to say a huge thank you .I definately wouldn’t have made it to marathon distance without correcting my running style and whats more , I enjoy running so much more now. It’s no longer a chore to just get out there and hit the roads infact I’m dreading taking a few weeks to recover from the marathon. Thanks again.


Hi Catherina


Hope all is well.  Just wanted to let you know I ran Dublin on Monday in 3.12 (a personal best by nearly 20 minutes!) relatively pain free!


Still trying to get to grips with running style and finding it hugely helpful following your tuition.  I got to the marathon without any pain and actually thought I was undertrained going in because I didn’t have the usual aches and pains associated with training for previous marathons.  I just saw some photos from near the end of the marathon and wasn’t impressed with the amount of sole you can see but will keep working on it.  I think it was tiredness nearing the finish and trying to push to get time but I am recovering very quickly and much better than I expected.


Going to try and train a little harder and see if I can break 3 hours but irrespective, just wanted to let you know that the chi running technique (while I haven’t completely got it right) is making running so much more enjoyable.






October 2012

Hi Catherina,


I attended your workshop in Shannon in September. Just wanted to let you know that I completed my first Marathon in Dublin on Monday, I tried my best to follow your technique and felt that it helped me enormously, before doing your workshop I was aiming for around the 4 hour mark but came in at 3:37, I know I couldn’t have done this with my old running style so I just wanted to thank you for your help and to let you know that I am spreading the word to all the runners I know.


Keep up the good work,


Best regards,



September 2012

Hi Catherina

It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday.
I learned such an important lesson when you demonstrated how the hips move too much when the lower abdominals are not engaged and the pelvis isn’t level. I believe that has been a major factor in the cause of my knee pain (ITBS). I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that I went out today and decided to put into practice as many of the focuses as possible. Mainly my posture. I know that previously I was leaning incorrectly from the waste and this is something that I will continue to focus on.

I did 10miles today and I’m thrilled to say I did them with no knee pain at all. Although I felt rather fatigued after 7miles, I didn’t mind that because it was just fatigue and not pain. After last week’s Frank Duffy 10 mile race I was in so much pain in the minutes and hours after the race that it was a huge effort to get from the couch to the fridge.
Although I know I have a mountain to climb to make it around the Dublin marathon in October, I can be happy and confident in my training from here on in knowing that when I apply the Chi running concepts correctly, my form will be good and it will help me get around without pain. Fingers crossed 🙂

Many thanks once again,

August 2012

Hi Catherina

It was lovely meeting you last Saturday in Castleknock.  A great course and I have found it so helpful this week when out running. Did a mountain run the day after the course and was the third lady home and yesterday I knocked two minutes off my PB in a 5 mile race. Delighted! Have still plenty to work on and I know it will take time but will enjoy making the changes.

Thanks again for all your advice and I will keep in touch.

Kind regards


May 2012

Hi Catherina,

how are you? I hope you are well.
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I’ve been getting on since the workshop on St Patrick’s weekend. I have to confess that I haven’t been out running that much since but have tried where ever possible to practice the drill and the alignment techniques.
So, my first marathon of the year was Belfast last Monday. I was hoping for a 4.30 just to see how I’d get on given that I haven’t run that distance in several months. Using the techniques – proper alignment, leaning forward, loose ankles and landing mid-foot – the marathon felt so much more comfortable than most of those I’ve done before. I also noticed that I was moving faster but not feeling as tired as I would normally and the miles flew by. I ended up doing a 3.53 marathon! I was delighted as that’s only 3 minutes off my PB and it’s motivated me to employ the techniques more and get into training more to see what speeds I can actually achieve! I have Edinburgh in 3 weeks and am hoping for a new PB given that it’s a fast course.
Thank you so much for drilling the techniques into it. I now run like I don’t have toes and it’s so much easier!
Thanks a million Catherina,

April 2012

Hi Catherina, hope you are well and enjoyed yesterday’s run in the park. I didn’t know you were there but saw your photo on the website. Great time, well done!

Thank you very much for your chi running guidance, I have started gradually putting your tips into practice and can already feel some benefit in speed, consistent running pace and lightness both over the ground and at the end of a long run. I ran a pb yesterday in the park at 45:50, my best time over that distance and for the course, 2 mins faster than last time – all thanks to chi-running!

I wanted to send you a brief note to say how much I enjoyed your chi-running workshop and the opportunity to meet you. Having watched your brilliant career and success it was an enormous pleasure to meet you at last. Well done and best wishes for your continued career.



February 2012

Hi Catherina,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but was mad busy at work for a change last week!!! It didnt stop me running when I got home though and that is purely down to your workshop last saturday in Castleknock….it was brilliant and very enjoyable and you have given me a huge amount of inspiration to keep running “properly” now!! and to do the marathon in 18mths time…I am also spreading the word about your classes etc. because you are doing a wonderful job and I hope you keep the good work going!!

I really hope your offer of meeting for another workshop in Galway on 14th April still stands?! as I would like to make sure I am doing things properly, and if you need me to do anything re directions or anything!! just let me know and consider it done.

Keep up the great work and thanks again for re-awakening my love of running,

You really are a living legend.



December 2011

Hi Catherina Just wanted to drop you a line to say how well I have been doing since I did you workshop in October. Prior to attending I had been suffering with chronic calf and Achilles problems. I was trying to run through the discomfort with limited success and regularly had to stop running for a few weeks at a time only to find as soon as I went running again the problems came back immediately. Since I started using the Chi Running techniques I am like a new man! I am now running pain free for the first time in years and I can run everyday if I want without any problems. I am sure my technique is far from perfect but I am really concentrating on keeping my legs limp and loose and making sure I have a mid-foot landing. I am loving it and am just about to head out for a 10k run after doing 10k yesterday which would have been impossible before!! Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.

August 2011

Catherina, Thanks so much for such a great training course last week your knowledge is endless on both chi and general running and I really appreciated the question and answer session you offered to us.
I ran the 10 mile this morning and took 6 mins off my time …. I was delighted I felt a huge difference in the hill sections with using my arms more effectively … I’m hoping the rest of the chi comes together in time but I can already feel a huge change in my running
thanks again for your knowledge

June 2011

Hi Catherina

Just wanted to give you an update of how i am getting on with the ChiRunning.
I love it !
Basically i am now becoming quite comfortable with the technique. I know what to do during runs if i feel i am losing form. It just works.
My times have improved but on top of that i am no longer sore.
done 5 miles the other night in 35:16 – done 10 in 1hr 16. I am doing these times with relative ease and my body is not sore after.
Thanks for all the instructions.

March 2011
Hi Catherina,

Just wanted to thank you again for the course last Sat. Went out a couple of times during the week to work on the technique. Can definitely feel the benefits already. Ran the Aware 10K on Sat morning in the park and before the course my aim was to go under go under 55 mins this year for 10K. Managed to just dip under 50 mins which is a big deal for me especially with the conditions. So as well as feeling more relaxed running I’m obviously moving quicker over the ground. An added bonus was no soreness at all the next day.

Thanks again for a great day.


Hi Catherina,

I was waiting to reply to you after having tried out the chi technique a few times.

Since the course I have ran 5 times and have had no problems at all with my knee. Usually my knee would start to get sore around 5k but now I can run 8k with no pain at all.
I did a cross country run which involved alot of downhill over rocks etc and alot of running up steps ( 8k around the upper lake in glendalough) and my knee started to get sore due to the jumping down between rocks but when I ran the last 4k over the flat using the chi technique, I didn’t get any pain in the knee at all. So I’m really very happy with having done your course!
Thanks again Catherina, it was a very interesting and informative day which has allowed me to really get back into my running.


Hi Catherina,

Just wanted to thank you again for the course last Sat (8th Jan). Went out a couple of times during the week to work on the technique. Can definitely feel the benefits already. Ran the Aware 10K on Sat morning in the park and before the course my aim was to go under go under 55 mins this year for 10K. Managed to just dip under 50 mins which is a big deal for me especially with the conditions. So as well as feeling more relaxed running I’m obviously moving quicker over the ground. An added bonus was no soreness at all the next day.

Thanks again for a great day.


Hi Catherina,

I just wanted to email you to thank you for all I learned at you workshop in Bantry earlier this year. I managed to run the Dublin City Marathon on monday, It was my first marathon having started taking up running in January. I managed to get to the finish line in 4hrs 19mins so very happy with that, but cant wait to beat it also. I’m certain that i wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I did without all the skills you gave me, and I am very grateful also for all the injury free time Chi Running gave me, until you’re course any long run would cripple me for days, but now two days after the marathon I’m feeling well again. So anyway, once again thank you so much, and continue the good work, you made a huge difference in my life,
Yours sincerely,   Barry

Dear Catherina,

No great surprise to you I’m sure, but you have another success to add to your total. I had been having troublesome running related medial knee pain and was booked for arthroscopy to treat a medial meniscus tear the Wednesday before your visit to Westport. One of the instructors in Athlone Leisure centre mentioned he was reading Danny Dreyers book and said that chi running significantly reduces running related knee injuries. I looked it up online and found your website. I cancelled my appointment thinking I would give the chi running a go first. I have to admit I went more in hope than expectation and even returning home that evening I had misgivings about having cancelled my date with the knive in the Galway clinic. Well, I now run painfree almost everyday and have been training away uninterupted for triathlon and doing more run training than I have ever done .

Knocked about 10 mins off my previous best last week, something I, not long ago, could have conceived of. Best of all I love running again now that it no longer means pain. I have been espousing the virtues of chi running to all who will listen and as a GP have recommended it to those patients of mine who have running related knee injuries. Another bonus has been the disappearance of intermittent backache I had been suffering. I have waited a while before providing this bit of feedback because my cynical self felt sure the benefits wouldn’t last. I have no doubts about the benefits of chi running at this stage and I’m very grateful for your tremendous help. I believe you are coming to Athlone in advance of the triathlon for a talk. I look forward to thanking you in person when you do. Again, many thanks. Mike Brody

Dear Catherina,
I’m just dropping you a note to say thank you for the Chi Running workshop back in January. Thanks to the techniques I learned on the day I managed to successfully train for, and complete, my first half-marathon (yesterday in Connemara). What really amazed me was that I was able to do this without aggravating any of my numerous pre-existing injuries, or picking up any new ones. Given the long list of injuries I have had over the past number of years, I did not think such a feat was possible.
I also found the Chi Running focuses really helped during the race itself, as a way to maintain a steady pace, conserve my energy and, in particular, to get myself up the dreaded “Hell of the West” climb through the Maam Valley. It was a great feeling to crest the top of the climb, fine tune my stance, lean that little bit more forward, and find I had enough left in the tank to accelerate over the final two miles.
I’ve recommended your workshop to numerous friends and colleagues and, after yesterday’s success, will continue to do so with even more enthusiasm!  Kind regards, and thanks again,


Catherina, I wanted to send you a belated thank you for such an enjoyable and informative course in Westport last month.  I really took a lot from it and the atmosphere and one-on-one guidance was brilliant.

In the week immediately after the course i ran every day with a view to retraining my ‘muscle memory’.  As you predicted it took a shorter length of time to get myself in alignment and addressing the issues on the ‘checklist’ each time that I ran.  I found that I came back from runs without any aches or pains and by the time I got out of the shower, I felt as if I had not even been out; even though I was running more frequently than prior to the course.

Something that I found very amusing was watching the boys run.  They Chi-run perfectly complete with pumping elbows – it is so funny to watch and realise that I am learning to do something that they do so naturally.  So it must be another one of those things like posture and correct lifting techniques that we do correctly as children and unlearn as adults.

anyway, thanks again and happy running – Siobhan

Just a note to say thank you for Saturday.

I enjoyed the day and I can honestly say it was (will be) of immense benefit.

Video taping and review with yourself and other runners was key to reinforcing my need to adopt the good practices of chi-running.

I’ll be putting the techniques into practice and re-read the book….

Best of Luck

Thanks Again

 – Rob

Hi Catherina

Just a note to thank you for the excellent workshop that I attended early August. I found it very beneficial. Before I attended I could never improve on my times. In a race I would do my first mile in approx 8 mins and then would drop back to about 9.5/10 mins miles. Since attending your workshop I am enjoying running and and maintaining the approx 8 min miles. I completed my first 10 mile race in October, I wouldnt even have contemplated that prior to the workshop. Hoping to do a marathon in 2009.

Hi Catherina,

Just a quick note to say thank you for Saturday…I found the session really beneficial and enjoyable….I have been for two runs over the last few days and have focused on my alignment and while it will take me a while for it to come naturally I am determined to keep at it.
Thanks again

Hi Catherina,

Just a quick note to thank you for the class last Saturday. I found the whole thing extremely beneficial and hope to build on this over the coming weeks and months. I’ll certainly be recommending it to others. All going well I’d hope to take a refresher this time next year .

Best Regards,



I really enjoyed the workshop last Saturday. While I had read the book and tried to put some of the concepts into practice, it was difficult to get a grasp of the proper techniques from the book (and I know that I had got some of the techniques wrong).

I compliment you on your instruction, you made us all very relaxed and encouraged us to get familiar with the various exercises and techniques. In particular, you kept the focus on a small number of elements which made it seem possible to achieve.  The two elements I found most enlightening were the video replay and the run in the park before lunch. It was also worthwhile to see what the others were doing – both right and wrong.

So overall, it was a very enjoyable day, enlighting on how I can improve my technique. It was also great to be able to pick ‘your brains’ on various aspects of Marathon running. I am now hoping to be able to put them into practice over the next few months. First test is tomorrow night, when I hit the road again for a few miles.

Thanks for an excellent Workshop (which will without doubt help me on the road to Paris), it was a pleasure to learn from an Athlete who has achieved so much.



Just a quick note to say thanks for the workshop on Saturday and to let you know about the 10K race I took part in today

I focused on all the things I was taught at the workshop, posture, relaxing the ankles, lifting the heels, and constantly checked all the way round the course spotting tension and relaxing it. I felt great all the way round, it was never a slog, my calves were relaxed and on the home straight I had some left, so I just increased my lean and went for it, passing others who’s form had all gone to pieces.

I ended up taking a massive 7min off my PB and for what felt like less effort than any other race, no aches and more importantly, no pain.

Thanks again,

First of all I’d like to say that I really enjoyed the session with you last Saturday week. I’ve been working on the posture and I find it’s been a great help and my back has improved alot. I think I’m getting the hang of the technique for walking etc. All the best


Many thanks for your training. Myself and Richard really enjoyed it and found it very useful.


Just wanted to let you know that I finally did my 10K challenge last Saturday in Dun Shaughlin! Never thought I’d see the day but I got through it and my target time was 62 mins and I met that – the first time I did 10 min miles!!! Thanks to your training workshop Catherina, I ran the race with your voice in my head (!) telling me to lean into the hills and keep focusing on my “sweet spot” shoulders relaxed and lift the heels! etc. I also did three nervous rounds of your body looseners before the race as well! I have to say I still run uninjured and dare I say it might be slowly beginning to even enjoy it! I now plan to do the 5 miles in Phoenix park next Saturday. But, I do syill think I’ll never pass 10K! My goal now is just to do it faster!

So thanks again Catherina your training really works and prevents soreness and injury and helps late comers like me to suffer on!

Hope your keeping well,


Thank you for your support! Every run gets easier and I just can’t believe how much less of a toil running is for me. Brilliant 🙂

Chat soon,


Just to let you know that I managed to complete the marathon yesterday in 3:45, just 5 minutes outside my target time of 3:40. Given the conditions together with an 11 minute first mile, I was very pleased with that. It was certainly very hot indeed. Nevertheless, I finished with a 7:30 last mile and felt very strong albeit rather tired.

A little aching today but nothing like previous marathons so, I think the Chi Running must be having an effect- and at 24 minutes faster than my time in Chicago, especially given the heat- then I am feeling very pleased.

Thank you very much for this EXCELLENT Chi-Running Workshop. Do you do private sessions too?
If yes, please let me know how much you charge. We will definitely stay in touch. Hopefully I can do the Certification in June 2007. Will see … :-
Thanks again,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming over and doing the Chi running workshop for us at the weekend. It was fantastic! i have heard from most of the other group members since and they all were delighted with what they learnt and are putting it into practice in their runs. A few live near enough to each other to get to run together every couple of months to help each other progress.

I have found my running easier and no knee ache after as well, even with downhills – focusing on the feet turning out thing there. It really works. My back has been good too, I am noticing increased stability with some of my weight training exercises to – the posture just comes into everything doesn’t it!

So just to let you know it was great to meet you, and that everyone really enjoyed, and got a lot from, your workshop. Hopefully we will meet again at some point.

Firstly thank you very much for the session on Saturday. Enjoyed meeting you and listening to the extremely useful tips on chi-running and am looking forward to the second session already.

I ran on both Saturday evening (about 9 miles) and yesterday evening (15 miles) and tried to concentrate on using the new mechanics. I found the new mechanics much easier on my legs and felt much more relaxed entirely. One thing I discovered particularly on yesterday’s run was that my mile splits were about 75 secs faster than I have been running for the past year or so. I had not intended taking splits on yesterday’s
run but when I saw the first one I thought there might be something wrong with the watch so I time the second, third, fourth and fifth spilts and found that they were all much faster. Unfortunately my plantar fasciitis started to affect me in the later part of the run but I found that with the new foot strike that it was possible to continue running. I did further splits on mile 14 & 15 and while slower than the earlier miles (mostly because of the plantar fasciitis) they were still faster than I have been running. Is this improvement in pace to be expected? The one thing I was unsure about was how long my pelvis was staying in locked position and that
probably just takes lots of practise. Any suggestions for helping the plantar fasciitis?

Thanks a million for your time yesterday.

I found the whole session very useful, and have learnt a lot which I will now starting putting into place. It was great to meet you, sorry I had to dash off early but I had to get back to the children. I will be in contact letting you know how things are going.Off my first chi run and posture session now.

We both found the last “class” very useful on Thursday … been out twice since and am working on the leaning. Thanks again for introducing us to
chirunning – as we said we wouldn’t be running as well or even at all were it not for chi. So we will be keeping up the good work.

Thanks again for all your help …